Coastal regions experience wildlife threats and polluted tourist areas while more arid regions experience issues with livestock consuming plastic bags. Protect cattle and marine life by banning the bag!

Bag Ordinances Protect Property, Livestock and Wildlife

Plastic bag pollution clean-up can cost taxpayers up to a dollar per person per year. The City of Austin found that it was paying $800,000 per year for bag pollution prior to their ordinance. Statewide, Texas taxpayers could be spending as much as $26 million cleaning bags out of waterways, roadsides and trees.



Single-Use Bag Ordinances

Save Taxpayers' Money

It requires 10 times as many eighteen-wheelers to bring paper bags to your local grocery store than it does to deliver plastic bags. They also cost retailers more to provide. Retailers such as H-E-B support inclusion of paper bags in single-use bag ordinances.Each year the US consumes 10 billion paper bags, requiring 14 million trees.

Single-Use Paper Bags Have Their Negative Effects

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